Lay-out of the Bashkort yurt (tirme)




Sagirak — roof ring of the yurt


Sagirak as well as all the other details of the yurt is made using technology of steam wood bending. Sagirak is a roof ring of the yurt, it is a symbol of the Sky God of the Old Turks – Tengri. Different Turkic peoples had their own pattern of sagirak. This type of sagirak is typical for the South-West Bashkorts.

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The door


Double-flap door made of solid oak.

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Kanat — the frame of the yurt


Steam bending. Rawhide (for Ethnic yurt) or metal connections (For Standard and Light type of yurt).











Uk — roof sticks


Bent lower part of the Uk makes the yurt more firm and gives stability to the roof even without holding columns like in Mongolian yurts. Thanks to that form of the Uk Bashkort yurt becomes higher and more spacious.













100% woolen felt with 3 to 8 mm thickness.












Bashkor — top circle decoration of the yurt


“Bashkor” – is literally translated from the Bashkort language as “the main knot”. It is a main connection of the yurt holding the roof sticks all together. Having the holding function it is also a decoration of the yurt. Initially it was a very strong rope made of horse tail hair. Over the years Bashkor has been developed into a wide woven decorative ribbon.

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